Bruno The Shepherd
Bruno The Shepherd
Bruno The Shepherd
Bruno The Shepherd
Bruno The Shepherd

Bruno is a male German Shepherd born October 2nd 2013 in Kuwait. He was raised by a kuwaiti woman who feared dogs..yet curious enough to know and learn more about them .. in hope that the fear will disappear.

Bruno have helped her to overcome her fear, by learning more about dogs and training him in every stage of his life-, from bite inhibition to socializing to swimming along with the basic commands.

Overcoming the fear of dogs have impacted her life more than she can imagine - having Bruno in her life have  have increased her confidence greatly.

Bruno brand was created out of love and a way to spread the joy and positive energy of what bruno gave to her every home. That is through creative - original - high quality products that will make a person's life easier and their dogs feel more special.

Dear Bruno, 


Im very grateful for everything that you have helped me with , and still continue to help me. You have made my life brighter , and have managed to make many others smile and laugh on instagram and in real life with the little funny things you do everyday - because of you I was able to meet alot of great people. I promise to give you the life that you deserve - and have your positive energy continue in this world forever. 


We all Love You ,, and would like to ask you this 


"Who wants to Go Chalet?" 



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